Why is purchasing the AQUATEC VFL wastewater treatment plants beneficial to you?

cistička odpadových vôdThe issues related to choosing treatment plants for customers are known by AQUATEC management. Since a wastewater treatment plant represents a technological facility, the customer whose sewage needs to be drained from his/her house (or other property) is dependent on information from representatives from many companies that are doing business in the Slovak market. Therefore creating the possibility of causing misinformation and disappointment. A wastewater treatment plant sustainability is approximately 20 years. A correctly design wastewater treatment plant operation depends upon the quality of its technology and operation. We are aware of the customer complications and understanding the special terms clearly when communicating with the sales department. Foremost advocating the slogan is vital "Seeing with your eyes is better than hearing it a hundred times." Inviting you to attend the presentation on established wastewater treatment facility on our premises is paramount. We will share your travel costs by discounting the wastewater treatment plant facility after visiting and placing the order with our company.

  • The highest quality of workmanship and thousands of satisfied customers around the world;
  • As of today, our wastewater treatment plants produce roughly 10+ million litres of purified water on a daily basis;
  • We have partners all over Europe;
  • Our technology has been used in more than 20 countries over several years;
  • Aquatec wastewater treatment plants purify sewage water in Belarus, Columbia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Ukraine as well as Slovakia....;
  • Wastewater treatment plants are certified in compliance with European Norm EN 12 566-3. Certification investigates on the efficiency of treatment, statics or resistance against impacts. The AT wastewater treatment plants were tested for efficiency in Germany “Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik Aachen” (Testing Institute for Waste Water Technology) which is one of the most prestigious institutes for executing efficiency tests of wastewater treatment plants;
  • Guaranteed supreme quality of purified wastewater (achieved BOD5 <10 mg/litre). The quality of the purified water corresponds with the requirements of Slovak legislation. The guaranteed parameters of purified water have been derived from treatment efficiency reached in the test;
  • The highly efficient VFL technology – is our own tried and tested patent technology used with AT wastewater treatment plant that is based on using low-load activation with aerobic sludge stabilization and supplemented by an accumulation zone to balance the disequilibrium of wastewater inlet;
  • Always a step ahead – our company focuses on perfection and comfort in running and providing services of wastewater treatment plants always keep us a step ahead.
  • The customer is the No. 1 priority to our company – our services are directed and providing comprehensive support to our customer. Starting with a professional advice, presenting a advantageous offer, design a blueprint, delivering of the wastewater treatment facility and assembling to the operation start-up. We provide shipping and servicing throughout the Slovak Republic;
  • In compliance with the standard ISO 9001 quality management is administered, The environmental management control is in compliance with the standard ISO 14001. We take part in various training courses, instructional sessions and workshops helping us to offer the products and services of the highest level and  supreme quality;
  • The production quality is of the highest standard – requiring all of our workers to be holders of European welders of plastics certificates. Using first-rate materials, machines and tools of very high quality made by world renowned producers.
  • Additional services for your comfort – our business managers as well as technical workers will do the maximum for your satisfaction, whether you need an independent wastewater treatment facility or a plant including other components and services;
  • Servicing – if the engineer intervention service is required he is able to arrive within 24 hours. Our servicing department provides our customers with 24 hour phone service in the event of any problems arising.
  • We will be glad to provide you with a professional advice and assistance – The operation of AT 6 wastewater treatment facility allows communication with the professional staff experts and a pleasant environment on our premise over a nice cup of tea or coffee.
    Direct visual inspections are provides at our customer´s sites. We can have trained workers visit in person whether in home or the construction sites helping the customer ascertain the most suitable place for the wastewater treatment facility.

AT6, AT8, AT10, AT12, AT15 and AT20 wastewater treatment plants from Aquatec VFL company.
Size and shape comparison:

AT6, AT8, AT10, AT12, AT15 and AT20 wastewater treatment plants from Aquatec VFL company. Size and shape comparison:

Benefits of the AQUATEC VFL wastewater treatment plant:

  • Great price and low construction costs – the price of the AT wastewater treatment plant is very acceptable compared to the price of a cesspool. Our customer will profit from this investment within three years of a purchase;
  • 10 year warranty for a tank shell water-tightness – customers will receive a guaranteed 10 year warranty for a tank shell water-tightness based on its quality. We are honored to provide this warranty.
  • We use renowned suppliers for first-rate material - for supreme quality of polypropylene; brand blowers; water and air distribution devices.
  • 8 mm thickness of tank shell – because of 8 mm thickness we guarantee high statics and stability of the plant compared to other manufacturers using the weaker material around 25 % to 40%.
  • All wastewater treatment plants are made from UV stable PP
  • Accumulation of abruptly inflowing water – the VFL technology presents a well-established system of continual biological purification of sewage water with and an integrated accumulation of abrupt inflowing water (eg. bathtub, washing machine discharge.) preventing elutriation of active sludge into the recipient and ensuring the stable operation of the wastewater treatment facility. Silent, odorless and simple operation;
  • Common using of detergents in the household
  • Low operating costs – operation of the AT wastewater treatment facility costs approximately 10 € per month as for the electricity consumption of the blower. Compared to the operation of a cesspool which is ten times more expensive;
  • Free of charge storage – purchasing any on-going discounted plants without the possibility of installing it, we will be more than happy to store the plant in our premises until the situation allows you the installation of the plant.
  • The simplicity of installing the plant – the installing does not require a professional. But one will be available through our company.
  • Covers - shape and colors – the cover is the only visible integral part of the wastewater treatment facility  and therefore it has also its aesthetic qualities;
  • Lockable cover for the safety of your children –the covers of the wastewater treatment plants are secured with a standard lock allowing your children play joyfully in the garden.
  • Automatic operation and maintenance; the plant can be also be serviced by phone;
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