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Aquatec VFL Wastewater treatment plantsBased on years of experience with an international team on the purification of wastewater, the company Aquatec VFL s. r. o., located in Dubnica, was established with the intention of bringing an innovative and unique residential wastewater treatment plant model, which represents the key point of its manufacturing programme. The programme offers a complete range of residential, pre-assembled and compact reinforced concrete treatment plants up to 20,000 PE.

The philosophy of the company is to bring to European and global markets a specific type of a purification plant, that meets the most stringent criteria in terms of European technology with respect to the required quality of discharged water, materials, static resistance, ease of maintenance of the wastewater treatment plants and, last but not least, affordability.

Vertical Flow Labyrinth – VFL

Vertical Flow Labyrinth – VFL®. Aquatec VFL uses a well-established system of the biological wastewater purification with integrated accumulation of abruptly inflowing water. The technology is also known under the international brand of Vertical Flow Labyrinth – VFL®. The technology is patented and the brand name has been copyrighted.
The technology used in the purification process ensures a high quality of treated water along with low investment and operating costs.

In 2012 the company established a line of rotational moulding of plastics and expanded its portfolio of rainwater into the production of underground and aboveground plastic tanks along with the complete technological equipment. Regarding the distribution of drinking water, the company has started producing rotomoulded watermeter shafts of a high quality.

In 2016 the company Aquatec VFL Ltd. expanded its activities to the extrusion of polypropylene plastic sheet. Polypropylene (PP) plastic sheets are produced on extrusion machines by plastic extrusion technology and their main areas of application are: welding of tanks and various objects, formwork, lining of various types and forms.

Aquatec VFL s. r. o. focuses on providing services to meet the customer needs and satisfaction. The company implements its own development system and design of products. Highly qualified staff provide counseling, transportation, installation and putting into operation. The warranty, customer service and technological service are fully guaranteed at the highest level.

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Development of the company:

  • Establishment of the company - production of wastewater treatment plants using VFL technology, system of the biological  wastewater purification with integrated accumulation of abruptly inflowing water, operating on the Slovak market
  • Efficiency test of WWTP according to the EN 12566-3 made at PIA – Testing Institute for Waste Water Technology in Aachen, Germany
  • Building of company premises in Dubnica
  • Production of WWTPs in Lithuania in cooperation with a Lithuanian partner company
  • Entering the Czech and Polish markets
  • Mark of Conformity CE
  • The company exclusively issues the Declaration of Conformity in accordance with EN 12566-3
  • Entering the Hungarian and Ukrainian markets
  • The launch of comunal WWTPs production in Syria
  • Rotationally moulded lockable cover for WWTP
  • Rotationally moulded conical extension for AT 10 and AT 12 plants
  • Rotationally moulded blower shaft with designed lockable cover
  • Obtaining the Cerfificate of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for wastewater treatment production
  • WWTP awarded a golden medal at the CONECO exibition in 2008
  • Entering the French, Romanian and Slovenian markets
  • Efficiency test "Veolia Protokol" made at PIA – Testing Institute for Waste Water Technology in Aachen, Germany
  • Expansion of warehouse premises - additional external storage space
  • Meeting requirements "Aretté" in accordance with French legislation
  • Establishment of graphic design workplace for rotational moulding of plastics
  • Entering the German market
  • Establishment of the line of rotational moulding of plastics
  • Launch of rotational moulding production. Production of underground and aboveground tanks for rainwater and watermeter shafts
  • Launch of production of rotomoulding forms
  • Establishing an E-shop with rotomoulded products
  • Entering the Croatian market
  • Entering the Italian, Bulgarian and Greek markets
  • Testing of new type WWTP at PIA – Testing Institute for Waste Water Technology in Aachen, Germany
  • WWTP AT PLUS was awarded with a Golden Medal at the CONECO exibition 2016 as innovative and energy saving solution.
  • Construction of a new production hall for the extrusion of polypropylene plastic sheets. Establishment of extrusion line for production of polypropylene plastic sheet and wires.
  • Complete coverage of PP plastic sheet demands for our own production of wastewater treatment plants.
  • Entering the Swiss market.
  • Introduction of new product range of oval shape wastewater treatment plants.
  • Certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for extrusion production.
  • Filter test with UV-disinfection regarding EN 12566-7, PIA Aachen.


  • Expansion of PP sheet production.


  • Expansion of WWTPs sales in South American and Caribbean market.


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