Anti flood proceeding - FLOOD WARNING

the middle of Europe has been experiencing floods In the recent past. The government is the only entity that has the capacity and capabilities to handle the flood issues.  The owners of residential houses can also contribute in building the flooding system. Capturing the rainwater in the underground accumulation tank the volume would not be discharged into the natural stream or infiltration.

How is capturing 5000 litres of water  prevent the flood from causing major damage?

If each residential house capture 5000 L of water on the raining days, utilizing the water in the dry season (for irrigation, car wash, discharging into to the stream), it will prevent the discharging of 2.500.000 L of water from the 500 houses into the soil or the stream during the rainy season. The accumulation 1000 L of rainwater is enough to cause flooding and major damage in the family cellar and the property also.

How many cellar were prevented from flooding?

These numbers are given to show how we (uniformed people) can contribute to the flooding system.

In some European Union countries the law required the capturing of rainwater during the rainy season the capturing of the rainwater which is required by the law according to the tank volume, depends on the measurement of the roof.

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