Rotational moulding - Rotomoulding

Rotational moulding, also known as rotomoulding, is unique amongst plastics moulding processes because heating, shaping and cooling of the plastic, all take place inside the mould with no application of pressure. The concept is simple. Cold plastic powder is placed in one half of a cold mould - usually sheet steel. The mould is then closed and rotated biaxially in a heated oven. When all the powder has melted, the mould is transferred to a cooled environment. After the process is completed, the mould is opened and the product is removed. The final products are characterized by good mechanical and chemical properties. No welds are caused by processing, the product  is monolithic and 100% waterproof.

The company Aquatec VFL has extensive experience in plastics processing. Based on our experience, we can offer our clients support in rotomoulding of different products. We support our customers with a wide range of services: design of rotomoulded products, 3D visualisations, static calculations, drawing documentation, production of moulds and rotational moulding of products.

rotomoulding - rotačné odlievanie plastovWe are currently focusing on the production of plastic underground tanks of various sizes, and other smaller products /tanks, various covers, extensions, pots and others/. Since we have been using "high" technical know-how in rotational moulding, we are extremely cautious with some of our products thereby applying multilayer walls. This solution increases static strength of the product, reduces its weight as well as the cost of materials.

We have been working with several renowned material suppliers in Europe supplying us with quality materials. With detailed inspection being held in our laboratory as well as high inspection of rotational moulding process, we are able to provide the optimal and stable quality of our products.




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