Water meeter shaftsplastová vodomerná šachta Aquatec 

The shafts are produced by the  plastic rotomoulding technology. To ensure high strength and static resistance, the shell of the tank is made of high-grade (PE) polyethylene. There are various types of the shafts depending on the model VS:

  • Rotationally moulded shell of tank
  • Long lifetime
  • Low weight
  • Easy manipulation
  • Installation without concrete
  • Unbeatable "cost vs quality"
  • Water-gauge resistant against freezing
  • Lockable cover

The VS meter shaft consists of a monolithic plastic tank whose dimensions and shape (eccentrically located revision entry) allow an entry of users in need of installation, exchange or water-gauge deduction smoothly.

Included the entire distribution is the installation of the water meter at the base of the shaft which prevents it from freezing.

Low weight allows the handling and installation of the shaft much easier.

The basic version consists of a standard cover, ladder and holes with inlet sealant DN 32 connecting  the water pipes.

It is  necessary to proceed in accordance with the operation manual for mounting during the installation, which is an integral part of the accompanying documentation.

Table of water meter shafts dimensions:

Type Diameter Height Cover diameter
VS 1,4 1100 mm 1500 mm 600 mm (excentric)


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