Horizontal below ground plastic tanks - type TH

below ground plastic tanks Aquatec

Utilization of Aquatec horizontal underground plastic tanks

Underground utilization

  • Rainwater tank
  • Pump station tank
  • Accumulation tank for sewage water
  • Irrigation shaft

Surface utilization

  • Rainwater tank

Horizontal underground plastic tank advantages

  • Rotational moulding without welds or joints (monoblock)
  • Long life-time
  • Low weight
  • Simple manipulation
  • Installation on a compacted sub-base (without using concrete if groundwater presence is excluded)
  • Unbeatable price versus quality
  • Lockable cover


Horizontal placed TH underground plastic tanks are 100% water resistant tank  manufactured by the rotomoulding technology. Eliminating the possibility of groundwater occurence the tank is then placed on the compacted sub-base 25 cm thick including the overlapping footprint of the tank by 20 cm. In 30 cm layers 4/8 gravel is used for backfilling the tank and make up the sub-base. Inspection holes in 600 mm diameter are created for the inspection and depletion.The tanks include an integral extension.The inlet pipeline depth is 500 mm under the surface level used with the extension. Additional extensions are available for the deeper inlet. Consulting our trained staff for additional extension is recommended.

Horizontal placed TH underground plastic tanks are designed with a pre-arranged inlet and outlet. The tanks are assembled on the compacted sub-base without using concrete foundation slab.

Horizontal placed underground plastic tanks includes a lockable "standard" cover - green. Available covers are UV stabilized and walkable.

Underground TH plastic tanks - dimensions:

Type Volume


Total height
TH 2,3 2,30 2400 1500 sub-base (gravel 4/8 mm)
TH 3,15 3,15 2400 1700 sub-base (gravel 4/8 mm)
TH 4,2 4,20 2400 1920 sub-base (gravel 4/8 mm)
TH 5,2 5,20 2400 2120 sub-base (gravel 4/8 mm)
TH 6,2 6,20 2400 2300 sub-base (gravel 4/8 mm)

podzemné plastové nádrže TH

THE TANK STANDARD FORMAT of horizontal underground plastic tank TH Type:

  • polyetylene
  • natural white colour
  • Ø inspection hole 600 mm
  • inlet/outlet into the tank DN 125

Available accessories:

  • metal safety grate - collecting bigger objects to fall into the tank - located in the tank spout
  • extensions (540, 300, 200 mm) designed for required inflow depth for underground plastic tanks
  • rainwater filtration filter basket (collecting floating sediments)
  • Other accessories
    • Inlet pipeline DN 125
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