Post-treatment units ATF and ATFUV for wastewater treatment plants

Post-treatment units ATF and ATFUV for wastewater treatment plants

The ATF 6 – ATF 20 post-treatment units use biological (biological filtration) and physical (filtration, sedimentation) processes for the tertiary treatment of secondary treated wastewater from small WWTPs. ATF aftertreatment units mechanically and biologically remove undissolved substances and organic pollution from wastewater to a guaranteed level.
ATF post-treatment units have been tested, as well as our domestic wastewater treatment plants, in Aachen, Germany at the PIA testing institute. They meet the European standard EN 12566-7.
Use and description of ATF aftertreatment units
Post-treatment units for tertiary post-treatment of the ATF 6 - ATF 20 type are used when there are increased requirements for the quality of wastewater discharged into surface and underground waters, for example in protected water management areas, or in the case of reuse of treated wastewater. They are installed behind biological wastewater treatment plants of the type AT 6 plus - AT 20 plus or AT 6 plus P - AT 20 plus P.
Cleaned wastewater can be discharged into surface or underground waters, or recycle it by using it for watering lawns and ornamental greenery, or use it for technical purposes.
ATF aftertreatment units can also be equipped with a UV module for wastewater disinfection. The UV disinfection module for domestic wastewater treatment plants was tested in a long-term test at PIA Aachen and demonstrated a very high disinfection efficiency.

All ATF and ATFUV aftertreatment units include control with remote controll in the form of GSM.

Design of accurate WWTP and post-treatment solution - Aquatec VFL Design of accurate WWTP and
post-treatment solution
Consulting for residential wastewater treatment solutions - Aquatec VFL
Consulting for residential 
wastewater treatment solutions
UV disinfection for sewage water treatment plants - Aquatec VFL UV disinfection for sewage
water treatment plants
Normal size trucks transport - Aquatec VFL
Normal size
Tested at PIA Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology in Aachen, Germany - Aquatec VFL
Tested at PIA 
Testing Institute for 
Wastewater Technology 
in Aachen, Germany
230 V electricity connection for ATF post-treatment unit - Aquatec VFL 230 V electricity connection
 ATF post-treatment unit 
Self supporting design backfill with sorted material - Aquatec VFL
Self supporting design
backfill with sorted material
Stainless steel locking system - Aquatec VFL Stainless steel
locking system 
Remote control of ATF post-treatment unit by GSM - Aquatec VFL Remote control of ATF
post-treatment unit by GSM
Simple installation of the ATF post-treatment unit for domestic wastewater treatment plants
The ATF post-treatment unit is installed in the trench on a 15 cm thick reinforced concrete base plate so that the top edge of the tank protrudes approx. 5 cm above the ground. Detailed installation instructions are provided in the operating procedure, which is attached to the handover documentation. Aquatec VFL's technical team can take care of the installation.

Test účinnosti dočisťovacej jednotky k domovým čistiarniam odpadových vôd AT Aquatec VFL

Dimensions of ATF post-treatment units for sewage treatment plants

diameter x height

Height and DN of
Daily inflow
ATF 6 4 1400x1800 1150/850 -DN125/110 0,60 230
ATF 8 6 1400x2200 1500/1200 -DN125/110 0,90 230
ATF 10 8 1500x2200 1250/950 -DN125/110 1,20 230
ATF 12 10 1650x2400 1500/1200 -DN125/110 1,50 230
ATF 15 13 2100x2200 1500/1200 -DN160/110 1,95 230
ATF 20 18 2100x2700 2000/1700 -DN160/110 2,70 230


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